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Background:  I wrote this song on December 12, 2008, two months after I started going out with my boyfriend.  It explains how I've had enough of my parents disapproval of him and not letting us be together.  It also has elements of how my parents knew about some things concerning our having been seen together, but they didn't come after me about it at first. (see 2nd part of verse 1)

There was originally a 4-line intro, but it no longer applies, so I removed it this year.  The music that I replaced those words with has a meaning all its own.  The chord strumming at the beginning represents the pain and suffering I endured from my parents' (particularly my mom's) inconsiderate criticism and hateful statements about my boyfriend.  The riff that follows suddenly breaking the chord pattern represents my bursting out of my shell, saying "I won't stand for this anymore!" and resisting their control. 

Also, due to having a relatively short time to prepare my friend to play drums with me at the Variety Show, we cut out the third verse, and the song still makes sense.  In fact, the third verse had multiple lines that I had been considering removing to begin with, so I have decided to keep the third verse out.

Video: 1st performance (Variety Show)

Lyrics:(webs would not let me copy & paste or indent some text and not all text, so please ignore the green lines in the print screen.  Thank You.)