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Where it all comes together...for me anyways... :)

Below are links to my most important pages in this lovely cyber world:

My YouTube Channel

Kinetic-Passion's Channel  Videos related to my music and anything else I find interesting/ worth sharing.

Asked and Answered

Click here to read my objections, rants, ravings, and my strange dreams and what they mean, and/or how I solved some personal issues.

Up Your Sleeve

Did you know that there is a way to make someone do something for you, and have them think they are doing it for themselves? click here to access secrets tricks for life on one of my Blogger blogs. I list some ways you can get out of chores and the like, and how to get your way in many situations.

Theories on the Universe

Click here to experience my views and convictions about what makes this place tick, how much control you have over it, and how much control it has over you...(not much, by the way).

My Yahoo Answers Profile

Click here to go to my Yahoo Answers Profile.  I am a Top Contributor in the Dream Interpretation category.

My Pandora (radio) Profile

Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! (That links to my stations and bookmarked songs.)

My Flickr Page

Click Here to go to my Flickr Photostream!  My username there is: Greenscheme93.

There, I post not only my photography, but also my art and even some pictures of my many eccentric collections.

(Yes, I am an environmental activist, in my own right.)

My Deviant Art Page

Art, Photography, etc.  Click Me!!!  Visit my gallery and my favorites.