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Where it all comes together...for me anyways... :)


I started on my project of making a page for each of my songs (for lyrics and background info).  I have finished the pages for "Promises" and "Enough".  The rest is in progress.  Links to those two pages, and any others I create, are also at the bottom of this page in my song lists.

I have now put the video of "Enough" and of "Promises" on my YouTube channel.

The Audio file for promises was too large for me to set it as backgroud music for the Promises page (sorry).

Whether I get a new computer and the software I need this summer or not, I plan/promise to make my video for Promises and post it on You Tube before the summer is over.

Only 1.5 years to freedom and fame.  (don't forget fun.  Those are the 3 F's)


I played and sang one of my songs: "Enough" at the PHS variety show 3/19/10.

I could only post the video as a link on the page for Enough, so I also posted it in my blog (that word links right to the post).

I am also going to publish audio for some of my songs here soon.  (Assuming the editor will let me...)

State of My music...

...meaning the songs I write and sing, and produce. 

I have some software that I need to get licenced before I can produce any of them.

I do not intend to put that software on my old computer, as I am getting a new computer soon.

However, when I get that software, and copyright my stuff, I will post snipets of my music, and my lyrics, here.

KP Rocks...Trust me.

Classifying and Describing My Music

My music is Rock, and some of my songs might be called "Pop/Rock"; some others might be called "Alternative".

I've been told that I should be on the radio because my voice and style are unique, but if I had to compare myself to artists that are already out there, I'd have to say that you can blend Kelly Clarkson's Voice Power with Avril Lavegne's Voice and Rhythm, and then blend that with Fall Out Boy's Style (Music wise), and you'd have a pretty good idea of what my music sounds like (if you can imagine all of that). 

If you are familiar with Cascada (Every Time We Touch), my voice can also be compared to hers.

I have written enough songs (lyrics) for three albums.  I have been working hard to write all of the music.  (I am a solo artist, so I have to use a lot of music theory to figure out how the guitar, piano, and percussion parts should be written so that they all work well with each other and with my voice.)

I have also been practicing with my voice and at least one of my instruments every day.


Since my performance at the variety show, I have had people come up to me and say that they like my singing or (to someone nearby) "that girl can SING!", but there are a couple of people whose coments have really been special (they were said in all seriousness), and I have taken them to heart (and no, none of them are from my boyfriend):

"I am a fan."

"My dad said you should be on the radio."

"My dad said you should be on American Idol.  I asked him why he thinks that (because I wanted to see what he'd say), and he said it's because your voice has melody and nobody sounds like you."

Upcomming Albums

This is the current arrangement that I have for my albums (the order of songs and the album titles are subject to change).

Key: *= French; #= Instrumental

1st Album: "This is Kinetic-Passion"                      2nd Album: "Give Me More"

1. Enough                                                                           1. Beginnings

2. Super Nova                                                                     2. Justified

3. Restless Fight                                                                 3. With Your Blessing

4. Eternal Love of You                                                         4. Magical Earthquake

5. Tears in My Eyes                                                             5. The Eternal Fall From Grace

6. Anthems Speak Louder Than Words  #                          6. Whispered Secrets

7. Helpful Hints                                                                   7. The Pheonix #

8. More Than You Know                                                      8. Withdrawl

9. Promises                                                                         9. Package Deal

10. L'Age *                                                                        10. Le Livre des Regles du La Vie *


3rd Album: "Different Shades"                                    4th Album: "Memory is Sweet Surrender"

1. I Can't See You Today                                                     1. More Than Meets the Eye

2. Antiordinary                                                                     2. Remember it All

3. A Selective Secret                                                            3. Together Forever

4. Insanity                                                                           4. Revolution

5. Peaches                                                                           5. The Fall Be For Success

6. A Premature Declaration                                                  6. Saturday

7. Waiting Game                                                                  7. Can't help Falling in Love (Tri-Lingual Mix) *

8. Atypical                                                                            8. Our Beat

9. Eternal Love of You (Power Remix)                                  9. Jack-Of-All-Trades

10. Je Ne Peux Pas Vive Sans Toi *                                   10. The Wierd Song


I am also planning two things which I cannot give details of until after my career takes off. :)